DesCon 4.0 is the fourth 48-hour annual community and capacity building event focused on the security of The Internet of Things, robotics, electronics and wearables.

It is a collaborative multidisciplinary event – aimed at local and regional participants in the Western Balkans and South East Europe. However, it attracts global leading thinkers, engineers, artists, designers and hobbyists from all corners of the world including, so far, participants from Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, India, China and the USA.

This year’s special challenge topic is Climate Warming and Pollution and how and can Internet technology assist in its prevention. Let us think together how to create, design and build a citizens’ network of IoT secure devices that measure pollution to help monitor or alleviate Climate Warming.

There is a connection between the air pollution and climate warming, as humans have increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 40% in the last 150 years through the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. It would be useful to measure dust particles or so-called PMs (particular matter). These particles are not only dangerous to our health, but they also contribute to global warming.

This year we are preparing two educational sessions: the first one, a two-day workshop on Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) used in many IoT systems; the second, a talk on how to make your own wind turbine.

There will also be talks on interesting topics. Read the CFP – Call For Papers and submit your proposal for a talk by Sept 23rd by email to “info at descon.me”. If accepted, you’ll be notified by September 30th.

Other focus areas at the event are security and privacy, naming systems, and commonly used IOT communications protocols. Day 0 panel discussion will address security of IoT devices, networks and privacy of personal data, as well as answer questions about if there is a role for DNS in the future IoT world?

Come and participate!!! Pitch your project at the event, day 1, October 13th.

See you soon!