About DESCON 5.0

DESCON 5.0 continues with last year’s theme and will once again look at how technology can assist in the prevention of climate change and help the environment. This year we are re-inventing the way we use energy. DESCON has evolved over the years to be primarily dedicated to how Internet technology can assist in tackling environmental challenges. Let’s do things together to create, design and build systems and networks that help preserve our environment for future generations. And let’s have fun doing this.

DESCON 5.0 focuses on two tracks:

In the Teslaton, DESCON explores how we can use energy more efficiently and tap into energy sources from nature to ensure that energy usage will have a less detrimental impact on the environment. This will have a positive effect in many areas, including agriculture, health, and other life on the planet. Fittingly, this year’s DESCON has teamed up with the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, taking inspiration from Nikola Tesla’s life and work, which was dedicated to energy and innovation.

In the Datathon, DESCON looks at how open environmental data and citizen’s collaborative measurement networks can help the environment. Broad use of this data enables high-quality information in energy and other sectors, and can, in some cases, spot environmental disasters. Last year at DESCON, we developed an air quality measurement device, “KLIMAMERKO”, which is now a technology solution for a new netizen project “Air to the People” or “Vazduh Gradjanima” measuring particulate matter, i.e dust particles in the air. This project is supported by ISOC.RS, HKLBGD, Belgrade Open School, SEPA and UNDP.

Additionally, there will be talks on interesting topics as well as other workshops during the weekend. We welcome you to read the CFP – Call For Participation and submit your talk or project proposal by Sep 22nd. If accepted, you’ll be notified by Sep 30th.

DESCON is a collaborative multidisciplinary event aimed at local and regional participants in the Western Balkans and South-East Europe. However, the event also attracts leading global thinkers, engineers, artists, designers, science fiction writers and hobbyists from all corners of the world, so far including participants from Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, India, China, Romania, Macedonia, Canada and the USA.

Our collaboration with the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe along with a business incubator in New York has also made it possible for DESCON to offer, for those participants who are interested, assistance in productising innovations from the Hackathon. And, of course, an opportunity to make donations to the new Tesla Science Center.

Come and participate!!! Pitch your project at the event, day 1, Oct 5th.